Thursday, April 6, 2017

The End

i read Harry Potter and the cursed child and finished it. All my predictions were true. Rose ended up being Voldemort's daughter! she was so intrigued because she knew, and didn't want Harry and Albus to kill him, because he was her only family, but Voldemort did not know he even had a daughter, so things didn't quite work out for her.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Godrick's Hallow

I predict that they will not be able to go back to Godricks Hollow 30 years in the past because no one has ever been able to go back in time before and they don't know how to use the time-turner. Also everyone is saying if they do make it back in time, since it it so far back they will only have five minutes to kill Voldemort, and save Harry's parents.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Giver, Movie or Book?

      I think The Giver movie is better. The movie actually shows you what the community looks like, what they all look like, how they act, etc. In books you have to imagine what everything and everyone looks like. I like to see and experience what they all look, act, and sound like. Also in books it can take almost the whole book to get to the inciting action, so 3/4 of the book is the boring introduction, and the rest happens within three chapters, so you don't receive any action. In movies they make it shorter so you don't get bored, and so there is more action you for you too see.
       Most people prefer movies because you can relax and watch them. I know your probably thinking, you can with books too. Well movies you can be comfy and eating a treat like popcorn or something, while books it's hard to turn pages while eating, and trying to read. It's easier to just lay back and relax. This movie is a good one to relax while watching. It can be sad at parts, but if you are relaxed you focus more on the movie and can really understand what is happening.
       Also you see more in depth of what they do. Like the sliding on the trays scene in the movie. That is not in the book, but it shows how the community is serious but they still like to have fun, because they are kids. You can hear how they talk. In books you have to imagine everything about these people, how they act, sound, look etc. It is easier to not have to do the work. You see their hobby, and all of their personal characteristics.
       I think the movie is better because you can see how they look, see how they sound, how they act, you can just relax while watch the movie, if you are relaxed you get experience, and notice things you didn't in the book, and you see how they act, like the tray sliding scene shows you how they act for fun.

Sweet Rose...

I predict that Rose will end up having a connection to Voldemort because she is so curious about him and never thought he was a bad person. Also she was exited when she met him but then tried to hide that she had been exited.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I predict that Albus will not get off of the train because Scorpius will tell someone and they will stop him from jumping and running away. Also Scorpius is more responsible and isn't stupid like Albus and he will stop him. and he will end up not having the nerve to jump off of a moving train which is going 2,000 mph.

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Step in Grandpa's Shoes

Period 2
A Step in Grandpa's Shoes
It was a Wednesday night, a week before my English rough draft Interview was due. I start thinking of people I could interview, and I instantly think of my Grandpa. My grandpa is medium height, with a big and bright smile. He has crystal blue eyes and he loves to take me and my cousins on hikes and tell us the names of plants and animals. He loves making corny jokes, and making people laugh at the jokes. He also loves to sing my cousins and I his his songs, such as The Cappuccino song, or the banana song etc.
I grabbed my phone and dialed Grandpa’s number. It ringed, and ringed and then he picked up, and I said “Hi Grandpa, It’s Ella. I have to interview someone for English, I was hoping I could interview you?”
He replied, “Well hiya Ella. I’m so glad you thought of me, I would love too!”
“Great! Is now OK?” I asked
“Well of course!”
“Okay. First question, What was a normal day like for you in 7th Grade?” “Well, uh 1st period I had math, 2nd period I, um can’t remember..., oh yes, I had social studies, 3rd I had Government, Then lunch, then art for 4th, and 5th PE, and last I had band/singing.” he said. Then I asked if band and singing required or elective classes? He said well, we had to take those classes, and there was a designated teacher for each one, and every student took the class.
“Follow up, how did it compare in your mind to today’s 7th grade day?” He answered ”Well, I think my classes were better funded with a strong empathis in math and science.”
I asked him when he was in middle school where did he imagine himself in 10 years? He replied that he had wanted to to be a scientist, and that he had no certain type he wanted to be. Nothing else in particular or that he could remember.
“What did your career end up being?” I asked. He said he did end up being a scientist (biologist) like he had hoped.
For the next question I asked what he thought some important decisions that he made in his life where. He replied, Well, going to college of course, studying to learn (he said that it’s important to study) and to do his best athletically.
“What are some of your favorite thing to do in your free time?”

He said “a few things that I enjoy are seeing my grandchildren, I enjoy playing bridge with your grandmother, I love hikes and walks, Going fishing, and traveling.”
I asked what his favorite place that he’s been was, he said probably his month long trip in Europe. “We explored loads of countries, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and Italy.” I asked why, and he said he enjoyed having a nice, cold beer in Germany, and a hot cup of Cappuccino in Italy.
“How did your family celebrate holidays when you were a kid? Did you do anything special” “Well uh, we often invited our near cousins and family over to be together and celebrate, that’s about it.”
“Okay last question, What is one thing you want everyone to remember about you?”
“Oh, my, that is a good question.” Grandpa paused for a long time. “Well?” I asked. “I’m thinking,” he said. I waited, and all I hear was grandma yelling at him if he would ever answer, but in a jokeful way. Right after she said that, he said “That I have showed kindness and compassion to everyone.” I couldn’t see his face because we were talking on the phone but I could tell he meant it.
“Thanks Grandpa, I am really glad you were able to do it!” “Well no problem, I love to be helpful to my grandchildren.” I laughed, “Bye Grandpa. Have a good night and see you soon.” He said bye and I hung up. I could tell he was happy.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Getting in Uniform

Beekeepers dress up in full coverage from head to toe so they don't get stung. If they do, they won't feel a thing. They wear all of this so that they can gather our honey without any harm done. beekeepers only have to fetch honey 3-5 times a week, depending on the size of the hive. if it is a large hive, 5 times a week roughly, a smaller hive would be roughly 3-4.